A New Champion is Crowned

Fletcher Cain-Smith was crowned the ISKA Welsh Champion on Saturday 13th April 2024 where he defeated Rueben West of the WCKA via 5th round TKO in Cannock.

Competing on the renowned Jackhammer UK for the very first time, Fletcher certainly impressed. Following the game plan to the letter, he nullified Reuben’s front leg and outscored him over the first 4 rounds. Heading into the 5th and final round we sensed Reuben was tiring so targeted the body.

After a couple of relentless body attacks and a standing 8 count, the referee had seen enough and called a stop to proceedings, crowning Fletcher as the new Welsh Champion!

Fletcher becomes 1 of a number of champions training out of AJ’s Kickboxing Academy and is now looking to build on his success in his next outing on 6th July.

Pictured Above (from left to right): Harry Morgan, Sam Johansen, Fletcher Cain-Smith and Chris Morgan

Black Belt Success

On Saturday 15th April 2023, AJ’s Kickboxing Academy held a Black Belt grading where 3 of our Instructors took the ultimate test of physical and mental fitness.

Overseen by Scott Carey, Josh Palmer, Sam Johansen and Owen Rees underwent 3 hours and 20 minutes of testing across technique, knowledge, application and determination.

Scott was Alan and Chris’ Instructor and he truly makes anyone attempting a black belt earn it and ensures the same standards are met as everyone who goes before them.

Congratulations to Josh who passed his 1st Degree Black Belt, Sam who passed his 2nd Degree Black Belt and Owen who also passed his 2nd Degree Black Belt.

This was as tough a test as it gets and all 3 guys should be extremely proud of their performances.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Gunter, Sam Johansen, Josh Palmer, Owen Rees, Chris Morgan and Scott Carey

Success at the Colosseum – Saturday 30th July 2022

On Saturday 30th July we took a team of 4 to the superb Colosseum event in York. First up was Elliott “The Hitman” Haynes who was competing in a 4 man tournament for the -32KG WMO Junior British Title

The standard of all 4 boys involved was exceptional but only 1 could be crowned champion and after 2 very hard fought bouts Elliott was crowned champion

Elliott was the smallest of all 4 boys and probably the least experienced but was coming off the back of a great win at Kings of Combat in June so momentum was with him. He’s 10 years old and has dedicated pretty much his last 3 months to preparing for the tough challenges he had ahead and has passed all tests with flying colours

Elliott becomes AJ’s first champion and we hope the first of many more to come

Next up was Ralphy Morrisey who had a late opponent change so accepted a fight at catchweight, giving away 4kg which is a lot when you’re just 11 years old. Being the true soldier he is, Ralphy gave his best but unfortunately came up a little short as the size difference was too much for him to navigate. Nevertheless, he gave a solid performance and should be proud of himself

Fletcher Cain-Smith was next to compete and was up against a home fighter who was a solid competitor. Fletcher started fast and was on the front foot from the first bell. In the second round he pulled a superman punch out of the bag followed with the front leg to the body which hurt his opponent and forced an 8 count

After 3 action packed rounds Fletcher took a well deserved points win

Last up was Welsh Rocky Sponsored Athlete, Brandon Cheshire making his full contact debut. Brandon was scheduled to make his debut back in April but was forced to withdraw through injury so this fight was well anticipated by all who trains at the gym.

Brandon is a techinically gifted fighter and clearly had the advantages at range but his opponent made it difficult for him over the 3 rounds but the cleaner eye catching work came from Brandon who deservedly took the points win

A successful day for the Academy with 5 fights, 4 wins and 1 learning fight

Warrior Fight Club BLCC – Sunday 28th November 2021

On Sunday 28th November the BLCC returned with its first event since the pandemic and what an event it was!

AJ’s Kickboxing Academy took a team of 9 fighters to the Meadway Sports and Social Club in Birmingham to test their skills against some of the best Kickboxing gyms the UK has to offer and the team did not disappoint

In 8 competitive bouts the team came away with 7 wins, 1 loss and 2 demonstration bouts. Amazing performances from all of the team and great experience gong in to the new year.

Pictured Above (from left to right): Ralph Morrisey, Talha Mian, Ahmed Kassim, Blake Carter, Fletcher Cain-Smith, Rhys Howells, Josh Palmer, Elliott Haynes and Ifan Lewis

A new Sponsored Student is Crowned !!

At our End of Year Awards & Christmas Party 2020 we announced our new Sponsored Student for 2021.  In a very different event, the winner was announced over Zoom and the lucky recipient was Kai Peets who trains in our Junior class.

Pictured above from left to right:
Richard Commons, Kai Peets, Maddalyn Cain-Smith and Chris Morgan

Kai is 9 years old and started training with us in July 2019.  He came along initially to help his younger sister Ava, as she was shy and wouldn’t join in activities on her own.  Kai was able to attend the same class as his sister which helped her confidence to get involved.

In his 18 months with the Academy, Kai has gained his Yellow, Orange and Green Belts and is now training hard to get his Blue Belt and work his way up into the advanced grades.

Kai is a talented young lad and caught the eye of our coaching team very early on.  Head Instructor Chris Morgan said of Kai “The qualities we are looking for when we are deciding who to award it to haven’t changed… we want someone who shows a level of dedication in their training; someone who shows a commitment to the Academy as well as their own learning and someone who is willing to helps others and Kai ticks all of those boxes for me”

“The past 12 months haven’t been easy for anyone and the way Kai dedicated himself at the age of 9 during lockdown was admirable and has shown a level of maturity in his training that you don’t see in some adults.  He turns up week in and week out with a smile on his face, gives me and the other instructors 110% every class and is a very talented young man.  There are a number of our junior students who really excite me in terms of their potential and what they could go on and achieve and I hope this award goes a long way in helping Kai achieve his goals. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with him but what I can say without any doubt in my mind is my Dad would have loved to coach this boy and I probably couldn’t pay him a bigger compliment than that!”

The Alan Morgan Sponsored Student Award was created last year and is designed to give its winners an opportunity to develop exponentially without the stresses and limitations of finances.  For the 12 months they are chosen to be sponsored student all of their training and gradings are free, they receive monthly PT sessions one on one and a sum of credit to purchase any equipment and uniform they need or want.

“Our winner last year was Maddalyn Cain-Smith and over the 12 months (although a bit stop and start with lockdown) passed her Green, Blue Belts and Purple Belts.  She was able to develop enough confidence to regularly spar in the mixed adults class (when we were allowed to) which was her main goal starting the year I think.  She has also been assisting us with the Junior classes all year.  I don’t know what her view on it is but certainly the coaching team feel the improvements over 12 months have been incredible and we hope Kai goes on to do the same!

As well as his love for kick boxing, Kai plays for his local football team.  He is very competitive and loves setting himself targets to score at least one goal per game.  He supports his local team Newport County and Arsenal.

Kai likes to go to the woods, climbing trees and hills and getting as dirty as he can with his sister and two dogs Yogi and Ruby.  He likes to play Fortnite and spend his pocket money on outfits for his character!

AJ’s Crowns 4 New Black Belts!!

On Saturday 28th November 2020 AJ’s gave 4 of its longest serving students the opportunity to take the ultimate test and pass the coveted Academy Black Belt grading!

Richard Commons, Sam Johansen, Owen Rees and Toyah Barton were assessed by 5th Degree Black Belt and former Chief Instructor of MKKA Wales, Scott Carey, in what can only be described as a grueling and testing 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The pace was relentless; the standards extremely high as they should be at this level and all 4 put in outstanding performances to become what only many can dream of – 1st Degree Black Belts!

Welcome to an elite club guys!

Pictured above from left to right:
Toyah Barton, Owen Rees, Chris Morgan (front, centre) Richard Commons & Sam Johansen

AJ’s Kickboxing Academy Teams Up with Complimentary Therapies by Louise

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Complimentary Therapies by Louise to offer discounted treatments to our members.

CTBL is a Provider of Excellence in Complementary Healthcare Services in Newport, South Wales.

The Focus is encouraging better quality Health through Encouraging Body Systems to Function optimally via a natural pathway (Holistic Functional Movement). Multidisciplinary Skills are applied, considering Musculoskeletal function, Nervous and Lymphatic function, Emotional Well-being, and Energy.

• Better Movement and Performance
• Body Awareness
• General Relaxation and Well being
• Stress, Anxiety, Depression
• Migraine, Exertion Headaches, Vertigo
• Increasing Confidence
• Poor Sleep, Fatigue/Sport Related Fatigue
• Muscle Aches/Pain/DOMS
• Soft Tissue Problems – Restricted Movement, Poor Mobility, Scarring, Tendinopathy
• Contribution to Injury Rehabilitation
• Lymphoedema
• Musculoskeletal Function during Pregnancy

Aero-Kick BLCC Back In Brum XX – 26th January 2020

On Sunday 26th January 2020 we took a team of 3 fighters to Birmingham to compete on the Aero-Kick BLCC Kickboxing event.

First up was Lucas Biggs who took on a very tough and willing opponent in Jed Foort from the WWKO Gym in Birmingham. Looking to improve 4-3-1 record, Lucas used his hand speed and footwork to claim a unanimous decision in a very controlled performance.

Next up was Ryan Hiscocks who was making him competitive debut against Michael Dawes from the Burton Kickboxing Academy. Ryan has come a long way in the 5 months he has trained with us and was certainly the underdog with Michael being an experienced Martial Artists and competitor. Ryan dropped the points decision in a very high paced, grueling bout but gains invaluable experience for the future.

Finally it was Talha “Too Cool” Mian’s turn who competed in a demonstration bout against Sami Kelly from the renowned USKA Gym in Birmingham. Talha missed weight so was unable to compete against his original opponent but competed in 3 great rounds of action against an older, more experienced boy.

Our attention now turns to March where we will take another team to compete on the Warriors BLCC event in Birmingham.

Pictured above from left to right:
Owen Rees, Lucas Biggs, Ryan Hiscocks, Talha Mian, Chris Morgan, Richard Commons

AJ’s Kickboxing Academy Finally Has it’s Own Home – March 2019

After years of operating out of sports halls and community centres, we have finally secured the keys to our own premises!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and to our members for their ongoing support!

Chris Morgan wins ISKA Commonwealth Kickboxing Title – February 2009

Chris Morgan captured the ISKA Commonwealth Light Middleweight Kickboxing Title on Saturday 28th February 2009 in Weston Supermare, with a unanimous points victory of Jason Curtis (Jesters Gym).